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Negotiated Medical Bills

  • Published: June 15, 2017

Most lawyers know nearly every medical provider in their area, and therefore, they have had dealings with each in the past. Many medical providers have relationships with lawyers to whom they will send their bills. Their lawyers will send notice to your legal representation that the medical provider maintains a lien at law for the services rendered, and they will follow the law and file a lien to protect their client.

Therefore, during the settlement of your case, we will deal with the medical providers or their lawyer, and we will present the facts to them to help them ascertain the reason that we are asking for a reduction of your bill. Both the medical provider and the lawyer representing them are prepared to make a deal. Most lawyers know which parties will negotiate and which parties will not.

If you go to a hospital and do not write down that you have insurance, there is a chance that a bill will come to you with a discount already on the face of the bill. It is imperative – and it is to your financial benefit – to personally hand this bill to your lawyer, because the discount offered to you as a potentially uninsured person will be large.

As part of a normal procedure, your lawyer will speak with each medical provider you have visited, and your attorney will inquire whether a discount can be obtained. The reason for this is simple: If you can obtain a discount, you will put more money into your own pocket.

Discounts can also be reached with the payback obligations to third party insurers, like Medicaid and other parties, and your lawyers know how to deal with all these parties.

Get Legal Help Negotiating Your Medical Bills After An Accident

The staff at Cohen & Sinowski, is here to help you get treated for your injuries without breaking the bank. Unlike many other lawyers, our attorneys will make sure that any discounts they obtain for you are in writing, so there is legal proof.

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