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Scott Cohen, Esq. - Personal Injury Attorney, Marietta CityAttorney Scott Cohen was born and raised in Columbus, Georgia, a child of two public school teachers. In 2001, Mr. Cohen graduated from Emory University at Atlanta Georgia. After graduating Emory University, Mr. Cohen pursued a career in Finance, managing over 10 million in assets as a stock broker and financial advisor.

After selling his brokerage book in 2004, he retired from finance and decided to pursue a career in law. He was awarded scholarships and graduated from John Marshall Law School of Atlanta Georgia in 2007 within the top 5% of his class.

While studying in law school, Mr. Cohen worked for Freedman and Sinowski, P.C., the preeminent Atlanta area personal injury law firm. For the next 5 years, Mr. Cohen was promoted to Senior Trial Attorney and managed and tried over 100 cases in trial work. In 2011, the partners of Freedman and Sinowski, P.C. offered for Mr. Cohen, a partnership and the opportunity to lead the practice and continue the legacy of the law firm as Cohen and Sinowski.

Since that time, Mr. Cohen has represented thousands of personal injury victims in Georgia, adding to his already impressive list of verdicts and resolutions for his clients. He is licensed in Georgia State Court, the Northern District of Georgia and has been sworn in to the Supreme Court of the United States of America, by Chief Justice John Roberts.

Mr. Cohen lives with his wife and two children in the Metro Atlanta area. In his spare time, he enjoys running, cycling, golfing, cooking and spending time with his family.

Scott and his family. - Personal Injury Attorney, MariettaIn addition to his strong commitment to work and family life, Mr. Cohen also continues to achieve successes in his charity work. In the past few years Mr. Cohen has biked over 1,000 miles all over the country for the Juvenile Diabetes Research Fund,, raised over $10,000 for JDRF and continues to support, both financially and through volunteer work, efforts to feed the Metro Atlanta homeless through his work with I Care Atlanta.

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