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No Fee Unless You Win Guarantee!

  • Published: September 22, 2020

No Fee Unless You Win Guarantee!The lawyers at Cohen & Sinowski help personal injury victims across Atlanta and the state of Georgia get the compensation they deserve for injuries and losses. Our staff is dedicated to helping clients seek justice for injuries caused by the negligence of others, whether it’s a car accident on 75/85 or a slip and fall injury in an office building. Our firm operates on a contingency fee basis, which basically means you pay nothing unless we win your case. We like to call it our “No Fee Unless You Win Guarantee!” The article below reviews how contingency fees work and the benefits for clients.

What Are Contingency Fees?

A contingency fee means that there are no fees or expenses paid unless your legal team wins your claim (lawsuit). In other words, our team of professionals agree to work on your case and pursue compensation for your injuries in exchange for a portion of the recovery.

No Fee Unless You Win Guarantee!

No Fee Unless You Win Guarantee!If a firm does not operate on a contingency basis, it may require hefty upfront costs, resulting in high out-of-pocket expenses. This can be incredibly difficult and stressful for anyone, especially if you have been involved in a personal injury case, such as a car accident or front end collision, which prevents you from working.

Furthermore, the personal injury lawyers at Cohen & Sinowski believe it’s important that everyone is entitled to fair representation. Through contingency fees, everyone – regardless of financial circumstances or other factors – can obtain high-quality representation without paying upfront costs.

We understand that not everyone has the funds to pay an attorney to get a case started. By only requiring payment after we win a case, you don’t really have anything to lose.

Contact Us Today To Discuss Your Case

With our “No Fee Unless You Win Guarantee,” you don’t have much to lose. We will work with you throughout your entire case to obtain the maximum recovery. Unlike other firms who handle a large volume of injury cases, we dedicate our personal time and attention to every case that comes through our door. Our reputation in Georgia says it all.

We would love the opportunity to explain our “No Fee Unless You Win Guarantee” in person. Contact Cohen & Sinowski today for your free consultation. Call (404) 383-8835 or fill out our online form.

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