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Using Your Own Insurance After A Car Wreck

  • Published: May 12, 2017

“I do not want to use my own insurance; the other person was at fault.”

When one of our clients says this phrase, what they really mean is, they’re afraid their rates will go up if they use their insurance even if the accident was caused by the other person involved.

The Atlanta lawyers at Cohen & Sinowski, are experienced in processing car accident claims, and we are here to tell you, “That’s not how Georgia claims work.”

Using your own insurance when the other person’s insurer is moving slowly will really speed up the process for you. It will allow you to get an appraisal for your damaged car and a rental vehicle faster. When the at-fault driver’s insurance company finally gets on board, they’ll take over paying for your car repairs and the rental car. None of this will cause your rates to go up.

Your Insurance Coverage

Your insurance rates should never go up if you are not at fault for an accident which damages your car and possibly damaged someone else’s car. You pay for insurance. Using the extras you paid for will have no impact on whether or not your policy goes up. Your liability cost is what controls how much you’ll be charged.

Liability insurance is mandatory and required by the state of Georgia. Medical coverage and uninsured motorist coverage, however, are optional; however, we highly recommend you opt into these coverages.

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