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Too Fast For Conditions

  • Published: November 29, 2016

Drivers often assume that as long as they maintain the speed limit, they’re driving at a safe speed on the road. While that driver may not be pulled over for a speeding ticket, in certain conditions, driving the speed limit can still be too fast for the conditions.

If the driver cannot brake adequately, take a curve, or have full visibility for what’s ahead, they may be driving too fast for conditions.

Common Conditions That Cause Accidents

Some of the most common situations that can put a driver at risk of driving too fast for conditions include:

  • Fog
  • Rain (light or heavy)
  • Flooding
  • Wet roads
  • School zones
  • Loose pavement
  • Construction zones
  • Reduced visibility
  • Rush hour traffic
  • Snow or ice on the roads
  • Uneven lanes

When any of these conditions are present, they can put the driver at risk of being unable to react to any unexpected situations like a deer crossing, a child stepping into the road, loose gravel, or black ice. Any of these are dangerous situations while driving, but if a driver is going too fast, they will have even less time to react safely and calmly to the road conditions.

Proving Negligence Or Recklessness

One of the most important things to prove in an automobile accident claim is that the driver who caused the accident or injuries was being negligent or reckless in their driving behavior. If you can easily prove that their speed was too fast for the conditions at the time of the accident, you are more likely to receive compensation for negligence.

To prove this negligence, four signs must be present, including:

  • The defendant’s duty of care
  • A breach of that duty
  • Causation
  • Damages

You must prove that the defendant had a duty to show care and caution in that particular situation and that they breached that duty by their actions. You must then prove that breach of that care caused the accident and, in turn, caused damages and injuries to you.

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