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Diminished Value Accidents

  • Published: November 29, 2016

With daily use of a motor vehicle, the chances of being involved in an auto accident increase with each outing. Car accidents happen every minute of the day across the United States. When a vehicle is damaged during an auto accident, the car’s value may decrease, even if the necessary repair work took place.

Some insurance policies are now required to include this loss of value in your accident claim, otherwise known as diminished value. This will show the difference between what your vehicle was worth before and after your accident.

How Do Diminished Value Accident Claims Work

Once your car has been involved in an accident, it loses financial value. Websites like Carfax, Edmonds, and AutoCheck allow used car buyers to discover the accident and repair history for any particular vehicle simply by purchasing a report. Even if your vehicle has been completely repaired to new condition, it can become less desirable, resulting in a lower selling price.

Georgia is one of the few states to recognize that you have the right to recover your car’s diminished value, even from your insurance carrier. For this reason, you may want to pursue a diminished value claim in order to receive compensation for this difference.

Seeking Legal Representation For Diminished Value Claims

By working with an experienced attorney, you can recover your car’s diminished value. The Atlanta, Georgia car accident attorneys at Cohen and Sinowski represent their diminished value clients by:

  • Reviewing the insurance policy’s terms and conditions
  • Determining the value of damages
  • Calculating the vehicle’s diminished vehicle
  • Filing an insurance claim for diminished value
  • If necessary, file a lawsuit to recover the diminished value.

If you have been diligently paying your insurance premiums, you deserve to be compensated when an accident caused by another vehicle reduces the value of your property.

Contact Cohen & Sinowski For Diminished Value Claim

It can be difficult to understand where to begin when it comes to filing a diminished value claim. If you have been involved in a vehicle accident because of someone else’s negligence, and have not received compensation from your insurance company for your car’s diminished value, the attorneys at Cohen & Sinowski will assist you through the entire process. As lawyers that are experienced in handling diminished value claims, we will fight to get you every penny you are entitled to.

Contact us today by filling out our form or calling (404) 383-8835 to maximize the value of your claim and recover the diminished value of your vehicle.

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