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Common Severe Injuries Sustained In Commercial Vehicle Or Trucking Accidents

We’ve seen severe injuries, including broken bones, major surgeries, and even death, caused by accidents involving semi-trucks or other large commercial vehicles.

Because of the sheer size of these vehicles, the injuries victims suffer are often catastrophic. Some of the most common severe injuries caused by semi-truck accidents include:

  • Traumatic brain injury (TBI)
  • Spinal cord injury (SCI)
  • Broken bones and fractures
  • Death

Injuries ranging from minor to life-threatening can require extensive medical care and rehabilitation. Some victims may be unable to work for weeks, months or years, if at all. They may need further surgeries in the future, which can be expensive. Many victims will never make a full recovery from their injuries.

Important Evidence To Preserve At The Scene In A Cobb County Trucking Accident Case

Evidence collected from the accident scene is critical for proving what happened. If you cannot collect evidence at the scene, ask someone else to do it for you. While a personal injury lawyer must prove your claim in court, a police report and pictures of the accident scene will go a long way in supporting your claim. If possible, take pictures of the other vehicle (including its license plate), any visible wounds that you may have suffered and the accident scene itself.

If you are incapacitated or too severely injured to collect any evidence at all, then try to remember as much about what happened as possible. Remembering the details will help your lawyer build a strong case for you.

The Factors That Play A Role In Determining The Amount And Type Of Compensation In A Marietta Trucking Accident Case

The amount of compensation you might receive depends on several factors:

Who is at fault for the accident? Was the truck driver distracted, intoxicated or exhausted? The more obvious fault is on the part of the driver, the more likely you will be compensated.

Severity and type of injuries you sustained. If your medical bills are high, that can be taken into account when determining how much compensation you should receive. Serious injuries such as brain trauma and paralysis can result in higher payouts than soft tissue damage.

Cause of the accident. If a vehicle malfunctioned or was defective, then you may be able to seek compensation from multiple parties rather than just one person/company.

Negligence on any party’s behalf. This includes not only what happened during the accident itself but also any oversights that occurred prior to the wreck.

Why Trucking Accident Cases Can Be More Difficult Or More Complex That Traditional Auto Accidents

Truck accident cases are often different from automobile accident claims because:

The stakes are often higher in truck accident claims. Commercial truck drivers and trucking companies are regulated by federal agencies. Multiple parties may be liable for truck accident injuries.

Trucking companies are required to carry a greater amount of insurance than personal auto insurance policies do, which means there is more insurance money available when you’re injured in a truck accident.

Commercial trucks are required to comply with strict federal regulations regarding maintenance, training, and driver qualifications. These regulations must be complied with if you have a valid claim against the driver or trucking company.

There may be multiple parties liable for your injuries since commercial trucks have many parts and many people involved in their operation. The owner, the driver, the maintenance crew, the leasing company, and even parts manufacturers may all be responsible for an injury-causing crash.

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