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Lawrenceville Car Accident AttorneysThe Georgia Governor’s Office of Highway Safety collects data on motor vehicle accidents, and the statistics for 2015 may come as a shock. There were 19,405 victims seriously hurt in car collisions, and another 1,554 people lost their lives. With these numbers expected to increase, the risk of severe and life-threatening injuries is imminent.

If you were injured in an auto collision, you do have rights under Georgia law. However, filing a claim with an insurance company can be complex. Our Lawrenceville car accident attorneys at Cohen & Sinowski have more than 25 years of experience going up against stingy insurers, and we will take the case to court if necessary to get the compensation you deserve. Please contact us to set up a free consultation, and review some important information about the law.

Our Lawrenceville Car Accident Attorneys Will Protect Your Interests

Though the specific circumstances may vary, motor vehicle crashes happen because someone was careless or reckless. To recover compensation, you must prove the four basic elements of negligence:

  1. You need to show that the responsible motorist had a duty to drive safely, which is a duty all Georgia drivers share;
  2. You must prove that the other person did not comply with this duty;
  3. It is necessary to show a connection between the breach of duty and the accident that caused your injuries; and,
  4. You must establish that you suffered losses from your injuries.

Our accident attorneys at Cohen & Sinowski assist victims of all types of traffic-related incidents caused by negligence, including:

  • Auto collisions;
  • Semi truck accidents;
  • Motorcycle crashes;
  • Incidents involving pedestrians;
  • Bicycle accidents;

Recover Compensation For Your Losses

You may be entitled to obtain monetary damages for the losses you sustain as a car accident victim. There are two types of compensation available under Georgia law:

  1. Economic damages, such as the costs of medical treatment and your lost wages for being unable to work;
  2. Non-economic damages, which are subjective in nature and do not have a dollar value. Items in this category include pain and suffering, emotional distress, and losses based upon your diminished quality of life;

There may be limitations on your compensation, and our lawyers at Cohen & Sinowski can explain how they may impact your claim. Georgia has a statute of limitations of two years, so your claim is barred if you do not file a lawsuit before it expires. Also, there is a legal concept of comparative negligence that may affect your amount of compensation. If you were partially at fault, your damages may be reduced.

We Handle A Wide Range Of Personal Injury Claims

Our attorneys at Cohen & Sinowski also handle other personal injury cases, including:

  • Accidents caused by dangerous conditions on property;
  • Dog bites;
  • Bicycle and pedestrian incidents;
  • Many others;

Contact Our Lawrenceville Car Accident Attorneys To Set Up A Free Consultation

For more information on vehicle crashes and other personal injury matters, please contact Cohen & Sinowski at (404) 383-8835 or visit us online. We can set up a no-cost appointment to review your case and explain your options. We serve clients in Lawrenceville and throughout Gwinnett County, and we are here to help.

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