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Navigating the Aftermath of Personal Injury at Kennesaw State University

  • Published: February 15, 2024

Kennesaw State University (KSU) has a storied history that began in the midst of transformation during the early 1960s. Established in 1963 as Kennesaw Junior College, the institution was a beacon of higher education in Cobb County, Georgia, during a time when the need for accessible education was paramount. With its transition to a four-year institution in 1976 and its eventual evolution to university status in 1996, KSU displayed a robust and continuous dedication to nurturing academic excellence and broadening its impact on the community. Today, KSU stands as a testimony to undeniable growth and evolution, steeped in a heritage that blends resilience, adaptation, and an unwavering commitment to education.

In the present day, Kennesaw State University is upheld as one of Georgia’s largest and most respected educational institutions. As a home to more than 41,000 students from diverse backgrounds, KSU is a hub of learning and advancement, providing a comprehensive selection of undergraduate, graduate, and doctoral degree programs. The university prides itself on being an environment where a vibrant community thrives in pursuit of knowledge and innovation. Yet, amidst this thriving academic atmosphere, at Cohen & Sinowski, P.C., we are fully aware that personal injury incidents can occur. Should such circumstances arise, we are dedicated to ensuring the KSU community is well-informed and supported, understanding their rights and learning the pathway to justice.

An unexpected personal injury on campus can unsettle the steady rhythm of academic and personal life, bringing a cascade of questions and concerns. At Cohen & Sinowski, P.C., we understand the complexities of personal injuries at Kennesaw State University and stand ready to offer the guidance and support needed during these difficult times. By grasping the nuances of these unfortunate events, you can take informed steps towards healing—both physically and legally.

The Fine Line of Campus Safety

At Cohen & Sinowski, P.C., we deeply understand that navigating the complexities of a legal battle can be overwhelming, especially when you’re also grappling with the immediate aftermath of an injury or a wrong done to you. We strive to lighten that burden for you, providing not just professional legal representation, but also compassion and understanding. It’s our role to dissect and demystify the nuances of the law for you, and within this process, trust is paramount. We are committed to showcasing our expertise through transparent communication, making complicated legal concepts accessible and understandable to you.

Assisting individuals like you, people who have been unfairly injured or wronged, is at the heart of our practice. Empathy is woven into our approach as we realize you’re likely going through one of the more challenging times in your life. Our goal isn’t just to resolve your legal problem, but to make sure you feel heard and supported throughout this complex journey. We’ll stand alongside you every step of the way, providing the reliable support and the steadfast representation needed to ensure your rights are comprehensively protected.

At Cohen & Sinowski, P.C., knowledge and compassion converge to yield legal assistance that’s truly supportive, clear, and straightforward. We place a high premium on delivering necessary legal information in a manner that anyone can understand, regardless of their previous knowledge of the law. It’s not enough for us to be skilled attorneys—we seek to be your trustworthy guides in this process. No matter the hurdles, know that with us, you are not alone. Together, there is a path forward, and we’re here to help you find it.

Proactive Steps in the Face of Misfortune

In moments following an injury, it’s understandable to feel uncertain and overwhelmed. Yet, it’s essential to prioritize your well-being above all else. The importance of seeking immediate medical attention cannot be overstated—it’s the foundation of not only your personal health and safety but also serves as an integral part of any future claims. Medical evaluations provide a professional account of your injuries, which may become critical in legal proceedings. Taking this step promptly ensures that your health is assessed, monitored, and treated with utmost importance, while also echoing your commitment to addressing the situation responsibly.

Once you have ensured that your health is not at risk, it is crucial to piece together the details of what transpired. Documenting the incident comprehensively is a key step toward legal clarity and can help immensely should you seek compensation or action for your injury. Take note of the date, time, and location of the incident, the conditions that contributed to it, any witnesses present, and ideally, photographs of the area where it occurred. This thorough record not only aids in constructing a clear narrative of the event but also serves as valuable evidence that can substantiate your account, ensuring that the facts stand strong in your favor.

Timely communication with university authorities acts as a bedrock for your claim. By reporting the incident as soon as possible, you’re not only following essential protocols but also fortifying your case with an official acknowledgment from the institution. This step is a demonstration of your proactive engagement with the process and helps to secure a formal record that may be of paramount importance as you navigate through the legal steps ahead. Remember, it’s not just about making a report; it’s about initiating a process that recognizes your rights and sets the stage for any actions that may need to be taken. At Cohen & Sinowski, P.C., we are here to assist you at each of these critical junctures, ensuring your actions post-injury are both prudent and effective.

Your Legal Entitlements Unveiled

Grasping the extent of your rights is the cornerstone of asserting your position in the wake of an injury. Whether you are pursuing your education, contributing to academia, or visiting the vibrant Kennesaw State University community, the expectation of safety is not a privilege—it is your right. The law clearly mandates that educational institutions like KSU are to provide a secure environment for all who set foot on their premises. If you endure an injury due to neglected safety measures or hazardous conditions that should have been addressed, it’s essential to recognize that this may not represent a mere mishap, but a breach of your legal rights. Establishing the difference can empower you and pave the way for necessary legal remedies.

At Cohen & Sinowski, P.C., we want to ensure that you understand the responsibilities that the university has in maintaining its premises to prevent unnecessary harm to its community members. It is the university’s duty to routinely inspect, maintain, and repair any potential safety hazards that could inflict harm. Should they fail in this duty, and an injury occurs as a direct result of their inaction or oversight, the institution may be found negligent. This legal term, ‘negligence,’ is central to personal injury law and refers to the failure to take reasonable care resulting in damage or injury to another. By untangling these complex legal definitions with care and clarity, we aim to equip you with the knowledge that is your armor and advocate in these daunting situations.

Understanding your rights is more than a legal exercise—it is a practical step toward recuperative justice. The KSU community, of which you are a valued member, should not have to navigate the aftermath of an injury alone or without clarity. That’s why your pathway to legal recourse remains a beacon of hope and a testament to the ideals of accountability and protection. This section is designed not to overwhelm you with legal jargon, but rather to gently guide you through your rights and the university’s obligatory duties. In doing so, we strive to present this information not only with professional authority but with the empathy and support that echo our commitment to you and your wellbeing.

Alliance with Expertise

The path to obtaining fair compensation for your injuries is seldom a straight line. Much like the labyrinthine halls of academia within KSU, the road to justice is replete with nuanced complexities and unforeseen turns. At Cohen & Sinowski, P.C., we recognize the intricacy of these legal passageways and stand ready to navigate them alongside you. With professionalism and acute attention to detail, our experienced lawyers approach your case with the precision it demands, focused resolutely on securing the just compensation you deserve. We understand that this journey is not just about legal resolutions but about the restoration of balance and fairness to your life.

In exploring the avenues of legal recourse, a dedicated personal injury lawyer becomes more than mere representation in court. Our attorneys embody the role of a trusted advisor, offering empathy and clarity amidst the web of legal statutes and tort laws. As your advocates, we strive to demystify the process, breaking down legal terms and procedures into comprehensible segments that empower you with knowledge and understanding. This journey requires a legal professional who not only speaks on your behalf but one who listens intently, addressing your concerns with the compassion and respect they warrant. Your trust is invaluable, and we dedicate ourselves to preserving it through open, honest, and consistent communication.

Navigating the legal system can often feel daunting, yet you need not face it alone. A personal injury lawyer at Cohen & Sinowski, P.C. acts as your guide, illuminating the path through the intricate maze of legalities toward the rightful compensation you seek. Comprehending the legal process thoroughly, our committed counselors stand prepared to employ their substantial resources and expertise on your behalf. We pledge to provide not just zealous legal advocacy, but a partnership rooted in trust and mutual respect. It’s our privilege to bring our professional acumen and empathetic counsel to bear in championing your cause, ensuring you feel supported every step of the way.


Enduring a personal injury is not only a physical trial but can also precipitate a maze of emotional challenges and procedural complexities. Such an event on the campus of Kennesaw State University can prove to be particularly disorienting, transforming an environment of learning and growth into a tableau of uncertainty and disruption. In these moments of difficulty and confusion, guidance and support become instrumental. This blog, meticulously curated with knowledge from our years of experience in personal injury law, aims to provide exactly that – a beacon to illuminate your path and serve as a compass guiding you through this intricate maze.

Each section of this informative resource has been designed to equip and empower those who find themselves embarking on this challenging journey. Through clear, accessible communication, we strive to unlock the complex legal terms and principles that may seem daunting at first, transforming them into navigable waypoints on your path to justice and healing. Our aim is to ensure that understanding the law becomes less of a struggle and more of an involved, empowering process. Each blog post and section is a tool at your disposal, a testament to our commitment to place you at the center of this process, arming you with the knowledge and understanding needed to make decisions that are right for you.

However, at Cohen & Sinowski, P.C., we recognize that reading and understanding is just one part of the equation. Personal, compassionate assistance is key in moving through this difficult time, and that’s where we step in. Our team of experienced attorneys is poised to provide their expertise at every juncture, guiding you through the legal process in a manner that anchors trust and transparency. We believe that no step in this journey should be taken alone. Authentic personal interaction, undiluted empathy, and steadfast support form the bedrock of our interactions with you. In teaming with us, you align with a partner who is invested in lightening your burden and helping you navigate towards justice, recovery, and healing.


As you navigate the challenging circumstances following a personal injury, consider this guide as your roadmap, providing clear direction and dependable support. We at Cohen & Sinowski, P.C. invite you to reach out to us for a genuine and empathetic interaction—your unique story needs to be understood, your rights need to be upheld, and you are entitled to a legal team who will tirelessly advocate for those rights.

Contact us today for a free consultation. Our experienced attorneys are ready to listen to your story with patience and understanding, to clarify the complexities of the legal process for you, and to offer you the guidance and support you need at this difficult time.

No one should face this journey alone. Let’s navigate towards closure together, upholding your dignity and reflecting the respect you inherently deserve. Remember, your cause is our cause, and we at Cohen & Sinowski, P.C. are committed to seeking the justice you are entitled to.

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