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Navigating Automobile Collisions in Smyrna: How Local Representation Makes All the Difference

  • Published: August 31, 2023

Smyrna Market Village

In the charming city of Smyrna, Georgia, we unfortunately still face our share of automobile collisions. These accidents often lead to personal injuries and complex legal cases. This is where the local advantage comes into play, and where the expertise of Smyrna’s own, Scott and Tommy of Cohen & Sinowski, truly shines.

The Value of Local Representation

When it comes to choosing a personal injury attorney following an accident, localized representation is a critical factor often overlooked. As residents and legal advocates of Smyrna, Scott and Tommy offer not only their seasoned legal expertise but their local familiarity and deep community ties.

Scott and Tommy: More Than Just Attorneys

For over a decade, Scott has dedicated a significant portion of his day-to-day life to nurturing community ties in Smyrna. Since establishing roots here in 2009, he has become a prominent figure recognized for his active involvement and steadfast commitment to the community.

A firm believer in youth empowerment, Scott has taken on the responsibility of serving as an assistant Scout Master. In this role, he guides young minds on their path to self-discovery, instills values that the scouting community embodies, and encourages them to become responsible contributors to Smyrna’s future.

As a flag football coach, Scott is known for his infectious enthusiasm and endless encouragement on the field. His steadfast belief in team spirit and sportsmanship has been instrumental in nurturing generations of young athletes in the community.

Beyond his contributions to shaping Smyrna’s youth, Scott is also a dedicated tri-athlete. His determination and drive, commonly seen as he trains on the Silver Comet trail, serve as inspiration for fellow community members leading by example the values of perseverance, goal-setting, and good health.

Just like Scott, Tommy too is deeply involved with the Smyrna community, a fact that serves as a testament to his unwavering affection for the city. His community involvement isn’t separate from his professional role; rather, it significantly shapes how he handles cases related to automobile collisions and personal injury lawsuits.

Tommy understands the diverse cross-section of people that make up Smyrna, and this understanding allows him to empathize with victims of personal injury profoundly. This sensitivity and understanding profoundly shape Tommy’s legal strategies when it comes to advocating for his clients’ rights, ensuring they receive proper compensation, and helping them traverse the complex legal landscape.

Their local involvement deepens Scott and Tommy’s connection with their clients and their understanding of Smyrna. Long-standing relationships with fellow residents, understanding the unique aspects of our streets and neighborhoods, and active involvement in local causes make them your ideal representatives following a personal injury incident.

Partnership with Smyrna-based Doctors

Our partnership with health care providers who call Smyrna home is one of our distinct advantages. These local doctors have the essential experience treating injuries specific to automobile collisions in our local area. Their expertise forms an integral part of our approach to legal representation, providing well-rounded, holistic advice to our clients.

Unique Understanding of Smyrna’s Roadways

Scott and Tommy’s local experience provides them an intimate understanding of Smyrna’s unique traffic patterns, notorious accident-prone areas, road names and specific road conditions. Being locals, they are familiar with the challenging intersections of South Cobb Drive and Concord Road and understand the congestion issues during peak hours on Windy Hill Road. They recognize that the area surrounding Jonquil Park is high traffic due to frequent community events and are well-aware of the visibility difficulties at the intersection of Atlanta Road and Cumberland Parkway.

Their local knowledge extends to understanding that weather conditions can indeed intensify traffic situations on Cobb Parkway, while construction work can often slow down traffic on Church Road, causing unusual build-up and sometimes even collisions. They are familiar with the school zones along King Springs Road, where speed limits drastically drop during certain hours of the day, leading to sudden braking and potential risks for rear-end collisions.

Their deep understanding of these specific Smyrna road conditions and patterns doesn’t just make them more attuned to the minutiae of each case; it practically forms the backbone of their legal strategies. For instance, their awareness of the notorious accident-prone nature of the intersection of Spring Road and the I-285 ramp allows them to effectively empathize with clients who’ve endured accidents there and frame their cases accordingly with compelling local context.

Applying this local knowledge helps them provide optimal assistance to their clients following an auto collision. It also offers a more focused approach, as they bring in their firsthand experiences driving on these very roads, adding depth to their professional legal advice.

Scott and Tommy’s local experience, married with their legal know-how, means they can expertly navigate the town’s roads and the town’s legal landscape, providing a holistic service second to none in Smyrna.

Client Stories: Winning Case Examples

concord covered bridge

Karen’s Tale of Tenacity: Road to Recovery after a Concord Road Collision

One calm evening during the relentless rush-hour, Karen, a dedicated office manager commuting from her Buckhead office, was stopped on the bustling Concord Road in Smyrna, waiting patiently to reach home to her loving family. In an unfortunate turn of events, she found herself a part of a rear-end collision that left her with an agonizing neck injury.

The days that ensued were a painful blur for Karen. Healthcare professionals attended to her injuries, but despite her persistence and grit, her recovery seemed to progress slower than expected. The persistent discomfort in her neck became an unwelcome reminder of the traumatic incident on Concord Road.

After initial treatments failed to provide her the relief she was yearning for, Karen turned to Scott from Cohen & Sinowski. Prior to meeting Scott, she had heard a lot about his deep-rooted community involvement and proven professional expertise within the Smyrna landscape. Recognizing his reputation and trusting her instincts, she felt Scott was her best ally to navigate her worsening state.

Scott proved that her confidence wasn’t misplaced. He immediately swung into action, accompanying Karen on her journey to recovery and assisting every step of the way. As her pain persisted, he called on their local network of healthcare partners who diagnosed her with herniated discs that would require treatment beyond conventional therapy.

Karen found herself facing a tough reality – she needed several painful injections, and ultimately surgery. It was a daunting journey but having Scott by her side, she braced herself to fight through it. While Karen focused on her physical recovery, Scott was diligently working to ensure her rights were protected and she was adequately compensated for her harrowing ordeal.

His approach went beyond the conventional lawyer-client relation. Scott’s profound knowledge of Smyrna’s roadways and understanding of Concord Road’s unique traffic pattern during rush-hour played a key part in molding Karen’s case. His local knowledge was persuasive in obtaining just compensation for Karen – not only for her past and future medical bills but for her pain, suffering, and lost wages during an incredibly tough time.

In the end, Karen made a remarkable recovery from a terrifying experience. Thanks to the capable hands of the medical team and the relentless dedication of Scott, Karen was able to regain control of her life. She brought her case to a closure on her terms, fully recovered, and rightfully compensated for an encounter she never anticipated.

Her story speaks volumes of her resilience, of a community that stands together, and the vital role Scott played, epitomizing the importance of local representation in personal injury cases involving automobile collisions in Smyrna.

Local Representation Matters

When you encounter an unfortunate event such as an automobile accident in Smyrna, it’s not just the legal expertise that matters — it’s finding representation that genuinely understands, cares, and roots itself within the local community. Scott and Tommy of Cohen & Sinowski, your dedicated Smyrna personal injury attorneys, embody this truly local representation that can make all the difference in your case.

With their profound understanding of Smyrna’s unique traffic patterns, notorious accident-prone areas, and specific road conditions, they offer more than just legal advice; they provide tailored, locally-informed strategies. They’ll empathize with your situation, harness their local relationships, apply their deep knowledge of Smyrna’s roads, and fight for your rights, so you can focus on your recovery.


If you or a loved one are in need of legal assistance following an automobile collision in Smyrna, we cannot stress enough the importance of reaching out for help. We offer a free, no-obligation consultation to understand your situation and help you chart the best way forward, legally and emotionally. Cohen & Sinowski’s commitment goes beyond professionality; it’s personal — because this is our community too.

Remember, with us, local expertise isn’t just an add-on — it’s a promise we uphold with dedication and integrity. Not all legal representation is built the same. When it comes to navigating the aftermath of an auto collision in Smyrna, local truly matters! is shaped by the community we share with you. We don’t just work here – we live here, play here, and belong here.

Let us support you in your time of need and together, we can ensure you receive the compensation you deserve. Contact Cohen & Sinowski today — where your community is our community, and your fight is our fight.

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