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Why You Should Hire a Local Cobb County Personal Injury Attorney Over an Atlanta Attorney

  • Published: August 29, 2023

4th of July at Cohen & SinowskiWhen faced with a personal injury situation due to car wrecks, slip and falls, or other accidents, it is essential to have a trusted legal advocate by your side. Deciding where to find that representation can be challenging, but hiring a local Cobb County personal injury attorney has many advantages over seeking assistance from an attorney in Atlanta. With key locations in Marietta, Kennesaw, Acworth, Smyrna, East Cobb, and West Cobb, Attorney Thomas Sinowski and the team at Cohen & Sinowski are deeply rooted within the community and are committed to providing top-notch legal services.

Proficiency in Local Laws

While Atlanta-based attorneys might boast a vast clientele and greater exposure, their familiarity with local Cobb County laws and regulations could be at a disadvantage. Hiring a Cobb County personal injury attorney will not only provide you with expert understanding of local laws, but will also be crucial to the success of your case.

Cobb County personal injury attorneys like Thomas Sinowski and the team at Cohen & Sinowski have dedicated their careers to building expertise within this community. They have equipped themselves with extensive knowledge of the distinctive regulations, laws, and ordinances specific to Cobb County that can heavily impact cases involving car wrecks or slip and falls.

This expertise is pivotal in navigating complex legal situations. For instance, local attorneys are knowledgeable about Cobb County traffic laws, municipal codes, and local building codes that can play a significant role in your case. This insight becomes particularly valuable when approaching matters like identifying liable parties, assessing damages, or negotiating settlements within the context of Cobb County’s legal framework.

Moreover, Cobb County personal injury attorneys stay abreast of local legal updates and changes, providing them with a competitive edge over Atlanta attorneys who may be handling many regional cases. By choosing a local attorney, you can be confident in their ability to navigate these nuances, resulting in the most favorable outcomes for your case. Examples showcasing the importance of local expertise include successful cases in Marietta, Kennesaw, Acworth, Smyrna, East Cobb, and West Cobb.

Accessibility and Personal Attention

When it comes to accessibility and personalized care, local Cobb County attorneys can offer a level of responsiveness and dedicated attention that big-city Atlanta lawyers may struggle to provide. Cohen & Sinowski prioritizes clients’ well-being and ensures a personalized experience, tailored to suit the specific needs of clients throughout Marietta, Kennesaw, Acworth, and other Cobb County communities.

Familiarity with Local Courts and Jurisdiction

Having experience navigating local courts in Cobb County is pivotal for your case. Knowing the local judges, court procedures, and even opposing counsel can greatly benefit your case. A Cobb County personal injury attorney, familiar with the court system, can effectively navigate jurisdictional challenges and utilize established relationships to your advantage.

Community Connection

Establishing strong ties within the community and demonstrating a genuine connection to local values, concerns, and history has always been at the forefront of Cohen & Sinowski’s mission. Led by Attorneys Scott and Tommy, the firm holds a long-standing commitment to fostering growth and reinforcing connections within Cobb County.

This dedication to community support is not only evident in how they approach their work, but also in their active participation and sponsorship of local causes. Cohen & Sinowski believes in giving back to the community beyond the courtroom. Attorney Thomas Sinowski, born and raised in the area, exemplifies this commitment and understands the importance of supporting local organizations, schools, sports teams, and parks in order to enhance the well-being of the community at large.

Cobb County and Marietta School Systems

Education is the backbone of a thriving community, which is why Cohen & Sinowski is proud to support both the Cobb County and Marietta School Systems. Through their contributions and advocacy, they play a crucial role in advancing the quality of education and opportunities for students residing in these areas.

Local Parks and Recreational Facilities

Cohen & Sinowski actively supports the enhancement and maintenance of local parks, like Lost Mountain Park, by providing vital funding and engagement. The firm understands the importance of safe, welcoming spaces that foster health, enjoyment, and community bonding.

Sports Teams and Youth Organizations

Cohen & Sinowski takes great pride in sponsoring a range of local sports teams, nurturing the growth and success of children and young adults in the community. The firm’s sponsorships span soccer, softball, and flag football teams, ensuring that young athletes have the resources to pursue their passions and develop lifelong skills.


Believing in the value of personal growth, leadership development, and community service, Cohen & Sinowski extends their support to local scouting programs, such as cub scouts and boy scouts. By investing in these organizations, the firm plays a part in molding future leaders who exemplify integrity, compassion, and civic responsibility.

The team at Cohen & Sinowski is dedicated to making a lasting impact on the community it serves, both through legal representation and unwavering support for the causes that strengthen the fabric of Cobb County. This deep-rooted connection to local values and institutions sets the firm apart, as they continuously strive to play a positive role in shaping the community.


In addition to the apparent legal advantages, hiring a local Cobb County personal injury attorney can lead to cost-savings. Retaining an Atlanta attorney may come with hefty fees, and costs associated with travel or missed work can add up. By opting for a locally based attorney, you minimize those expenses while receiving personalized legal representation tailored to Cobb County residents.

Real-Life Success Stories

In the bustling town of Kennesaw, Georgia, Jane, a hardworking nurse, was walking home from her local grocery store. The sun was setting, and she carried her bags filled with essentials for her family. She decided to take her usual route, a path she knew well that led her through the heart of Kennesaw.

As Jane approached a section of the sidewalk, she noticed a significant break in the concrete. Reluctantly, she continued, aware that the city had been informed of this hazard for months with no rectification. Unbeknownst to her, this decision would change her life.

As she cautiously stepped over the broken section, Jane lost her balance, falling hard onto the ground, and felt a sharp pain shooting through her shoulder. The groceries scattered while she struggled to get up. It was immediately clear that her injury was severe.

After a visit to the hospital, it was confirmed that Jane had a torn rotator cuff due to the fall. She would require surgery, extensive physical therapy, and time off from her job as a nurse. The financial and emotional burden weighed heavily on her and her family.

City officials denied any liability for her injuries, leaving her with mounting medical bills and lost wages. Desperate for help, Jane turned to Cohen & Sinowski, a local Cobb County personal injury attorney, well known for their expertise and knowledge of local ordinances.

Attorney Thomas Sinowski and his team tirelessly investigated the case. They discovered that the sidewalk’s condition violated a Kennesaw city ordinance, which stated that sidewalks must be maintained in a reasonably safe condition. This evidence showcased that the city was aware of the dangerous hazard yet failed to make the necessary repairs.

As further proof of the city’s negligence, they obtained testimonies from multiple residents who had previously reported the broken sidewalk to the city with no response. Armed with the evidence, Sinowski presented a compelling case, leaving no doubt that Jane’s injuries were a direct result of her fall on the broken sidewalk.

Persistence and vigorous advocacy paid off. The team at Cohen & Sinowski was able to secure a settlement for Jane that covered her past and future medical treatment, pain and suffering, and lost wages. Their tenacity and in-depth knowledge of local Kennesaw ordinances made all the difference – and allowed Jane to focus on her recovery, assuring her that she had the support she needed.

Through the meticulous work of a Cobb County personal injury attorney, Jane not only received the compensation she deserved, but her case also prompted the city to take action to repair the hazardous sidewalk. The impact resonated beyond her personal story, fostering a safer environment within the Kennesaw community.


The benefits of hiring a local Cobb County personal injury attorney, such as Attorney Thomas Sinowski and the team at Cohen & Sinowski, are clear. Combining detailed knowledge of local laws, personalized attention, extensive experience navigating the local court system, community connection, and cost-effectiveness makes choosing a local attorney the best decision for your case.

If you or a loved one needs a dedicated, experienced Cobb County personal injury attorney, reach out to Cohen & Sinowski to take advantage of their local expertise and unwavering community commitment.

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