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Winning the Case for Michelle: A Case Study

  • Published: July 18, 2023

The Incident and the Unravelling Aftermath: Our Client’s Tale

SMYRNA CAR ACCIDENT ATTORNEYSOur client, Michelle, as an innocent road user, found herself thrust into a whirlpool of legal and medical challenges following a dreadful automobile collision. An incident that came out of the blue, when she was T-Boned at an intersection. The root cause of all this calamity? The Defendant’s total disregard for traffic rules and reckless behavior in running a red light.

This unfortunate and spontaneous accident resulted in two severe shoulder injuries for Michelle. Such injuries weren’t just physical; they came with emotional toll and economic implications – from the pain and discomfort of the injuries to the costly medical bills.

In the aftermath, things took a turn for the worse. Instead of a cooperative and understanding response, the Defendant’s insurance company shockingly denied all responsibilities regarding the incident. As if this lack of acknowledgement wasn’t enough, the company further exacerbated the situation by making what can only be described as a mockery of an offer to settle her case.

This nuisance offer was paltry and grossly insufficient. It was a mere dust particle in the vast desert of what Michelle deserved as compensation for her pain, her injuries, misfortune, and a complete disruption of her life. An ordeal that was amplified by the insurance company’s approach, turning the aftermath into a stressful and long-drawn process that perhaps even rivaled the horror of the actual incident.

Our Unwavering Commitment: Intervention and Achieving Justice

Making the Right Decision

Our client, Michelle, faced a dilemma: accept the measly settlement from the insurance company or go ahead with a jury trial – a decision that could be daunting for anyone. As her dedicated and trusted legal consultants, we had shown our capabilities and unyielding commitment towards pursuing justice for her. Michelle chose to place her trust in us, and we embarked on the uphill battle to bring her the rightful resolution to her predicament.

A Dauntless Intervention

With the insurance company standing their ground and not budging, we had a Herculean task ahead. The situation was challenging, but we stepped in with our vast expertise and unswerving dedication. Our primary goal was to get justice for Michelle, and we took the necessary legal actions by filing suit on her behalf with the Court.

During this process, we encountered some hurdles, which included managing the Court’s Covid Closure. Nonetheless, we remained undeterred, strategizing smartly to navigate these challenges and swiftly pushing Michelle’s case through the legal system.

Mediation Triumph

The process was extremely demanding, but our teamwork, dedication, and experience paid off. We were able to mediate Michelle’s case successfully, fighting tooth and nail to ensure her interests were duly represented.

In the end, our tireless pursuit of justice bore fruit. We secured a settlement that truly reflected the gravity of Michelle’s situation. We managed to obtain the entire policy amount of $250,000 for our client. What added to the victory’s sweetness was getting an admission from the Defendant that they were, in fact, at fault for the collision, vindicating Michelle’s position.

Our intervention was not only about bringing in our legal expertise but also about demonstrating our unwavering commitment to fighting for the rights of our clients – even in the face of formidable opponents and unfavorable circumstances.

Groundbreaking Outcome: A Testament to Perseverance

The victory served as much more than just a resolution to the case; it was about ensuring our client got what she rightfully deserved. This substantial increase in Michelle’s settlement offer from a meagre $10,000 to an overwhelming $250,000 was a testament to our relentless efforts, consistent dedication, and firm belief in her cause.

But beyond the financial aspect, this victory also signaled a moral triumph. The process led to an important admission of fault from the Defendant, effectively validating Michelle’s ordeal. It was a reminder that victims should not be cowed into accepting less than adequate compensation in the face of a perceived mightier adversary.

This successful outcome underlines the commitment of Cohen & Sinowski, P.C. to stand up for those wronged others and fight tirelessly for justice, irrespective of the complexities or challenges that a case might present.

Time for Action

PartnersAt Cohen & Sinowski, P.C., we take pride in our ability to overcome obstacles and deliver results for our clients. The handling of Michelle’s case was not just a single event of achieving justice, but a showcase of a pattern of commitment that you can expect from our team.

If you or a loved one are faced with a similarly daunting situation, we encourage you to reach out to us. Our team is experienced in handling complex cases and has consistently provided compassionate and competent advocacy to our clients.

Let us guide you through the legal process, providing clear, concise, and compassionate advice along the way. Don’t settle for less – you deserve the full measure of justice and compensation for your suffering. Trust us to fight for you as we did for Michelle.

Contact Cohen & Sinowski, P.C. today and let’s claim your justice together.

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