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What types of customers have you worked with?

  • Published: September 8, 2022

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We often get asked, what types of customers have you worked with? At Cohen & Sinowski, we work with clients from all walks of life. We’ve helped people who were injured in car accidents, motorcycle accidents, and slip-and-fall incidents. We’ve also worked with families who lost loved ones due to wrongful death.

Car accident

If you’re going through a car accident, it can be stressful to find an attorney who can get the job done. You need someone with experience and resources to win your case. Car accidents are not easy for any party involved in the incident, but they must be handled with care and seriousness. A wrong decision could lead to further injuries or even death of victims. We have worked on several car accidents cases, from minor fender-benders all the way up to serious crashes involving multiple cars and injuries requiring hospitalization or surgery. Our experience in these situations allows us to devote 100% attention towards getting results for our clients

Motorcycle accidents

Motorcycle accidents can be more serious than car accidents, and they frequently involve the other driver’s fault. Motorcycles are more difficult to see than cars, so it’s common for a car to suddenly pull in front of a motorcycle or change lanes into its path. In these situations, even if the motorcyclist is not at fault for the accident, many people do not have adequate insurance coverage. We work with people who have been injured in motorcycle accidents to help them get compensation for their injuries and related expenses such as medical bills and lost wages

Slip and fall

Slip and fall cases can be very complex, as they often require proving the property owner’s negligence. This can be a difficult task to accomplish, so you may consider hiring an attorney to help you with your case.

If you have been injured in a slip-and-fall accident at work or while shopping, consult with an attorney immediately. Slip-and-fall accidents that happen outside of the workplace are not covered under workers’ compensation insurance policies—they’re considered “personal injuries” and therefore fall under state laws for injury liability claims.

We work with a variety of injury clients.

When someone asks, what type of customers have you worked with, the answer is simple. We work with everyone, a vast variety of injuries and clients. We work with personal injury, car accident, slip and falls, motorcycle accidents and premise liability cases. We also handle wrongful death cases.

We’re proud to work with a variety of clients, and we look forward to working with you.

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