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How To Handle Slow-pay/no-pay Attorneys

  • Published: August 2, 2017

Here’s a typical scenario:

Your case is settled, yet you’re getting calls and letters from medical providers saying that they haven’t been paid even though you instructed your attorney to pay those bills out of your settlement.

Obviously, there is something wrong, and your medical bills aren’t getting paid. So what do you do?

Take Action With A Slow-pay/no-pay Attorney

If you are having doubts about your attorney telling you the truth, it’s time to move on. Here are some steps you can take:

  1. You can fire the attorney and ask for a complete copy of the file.
  2. You can ask the state bar of Georgia to intervene or to inquire on your behalf. In doing this, you have the option of filing a grievance or complaint against the lawyer. The lawyer must answer.
  3. You can hire another firm for the sole purpose of ascertaining the circumstances of your claim.

Legal Help For Accident Victims

What if your attorney has settled your case and has not informed you about it? Unfortunately, this can happen. You can handle it in one of several ways.

We would suggest the hiring of a new attorney to treat this as a separate case. Cohen & Sinowski, has handled these types of cases many times for individual clients and vendors alike.

Your new attorney will write the old one, advising them of your new representation and your demands to conclude your claim (the accident claim included), or that you will be filing a malpractice claim or grievance against the law firm.

Our office will make a demand of the lawyer and his firm to settle the underlying case, your original claim, but for a larger amount than the original claim. We will also tell the lawyer that you retain the right to file a grievance with the State Bar of Georgia. We will further state that our sole employment by you is to settle the claim against them.

The same process applies if you have been paid, and informed that your medical bills have been paid, but receive a call from your medical provider saying otherwise.

Legal Help For Medical Providers

Medical providers: What if your patient has not paid you, but you believe that the bills have already been paid by their attorney? Cohen & Sinowski, has handled many of these types of claims, in some instances where the medical provider has had to file multiple claims against the same attorney.

These situations will be handled very similarly to the situation mentioned above. It is in your best interest to hire an attorney and file a claim or complaint against the offending attorney. This is the surest way to get the money you’re owed. To expedite this process, make a ledger of all the costs incurred by the client in question, along with the dates of loss, dates of service, and any bills prior to meeting with your attorney.

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