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What Is Managed Care?

  • Published: June 29, 2017

Have you been injured in an accident that was the result of someone’s negligence or wrong-doing? If so, it’s important for you to visit both a doctor and a lawyer, so you can secure just compensation later for your medical bills, lost wages, and any other related financial losses.

The auto accident attorneys at Cohen & Sinowski, in Atlanta offer clients managed care through its extensive medical network, allowing you to get medical help whether or not you have insurance. So… what is managed care?

How Managed Care Works

Consider your lawyer as the general manager/coach of a football team, and the doctors within his medical network like the players.

You are treated by your first doctor, the quarterback. The quarterback needs a wide receiver to pass to. The quarterback asks the coach who the wide receiver is in order to complete the pass. Next, your team needs a running back, so the quarterback goes to the coach to see if there is a running back on the team. The quarterback will make sure that you can meet with the wide receiver and any other player you need to meet with on the team.

Your general manager has assembled a variety of great players with differing specialties on his team, so if you need a defensive end to help you, you can easily get help from the defensive end.

All these players – the quarterback, wide receiver, the running back and the defensive end – have agreed with the general manager to be part of the team, and they’re all ready and willing to do what is necessary to help you get better.

Agreements have been made between the general manager and all his players, so when the bills come in, the general manager will do his best to make sure that each bill is paid when your case is settled. Each player on your team has agreed to do what is best for you, and because you’re visiting doctors who are part of a medical network, you may receive more favorable reductions in pricing.

Get Medical & Legal Help Following A Car Accident Or Personal Injury

Cohen & Sinowski, can manage the medical payments of clients who seek treatment within our medical network.

Our team helps you get the most care for the lowest out of pocket cost.

We also offer our clients a No Fee Unless You Win Guarantee, so you can rest assured knowing we’re working as hard as possible to win your case and keep your medical bills as low as possible. Turn that crash into cash, and get the money you deserve for your personal injuries.

Visit our website to request a free legal consultation, or call (404) 383-8835 to speak with someone on our team today.

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