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Property Damage Claims In Atlanta

  • Published: March 15, 2017

Get answers to frequently asked questions about car accidents and property damage claims

When you’re in a car accident, your car will most likely suffer some kind of damage, whether it’s a dent, scratch or something much more serious. This damage is defined as “property damage,” and depending on the extent of that damage, your insurance company will choose to have your vehicle fixed or simply total it.

If you’re been in a car accident, you’ve most likely been through the process of contacting the at-fault driver’s insurance company, having your vehicle evaluated by a professional, and finally learning how much money you will get for repairs or – if the car is totaled – what your car is worth.

Frequently Asked Questions About Property Damage Claims In Atlanta

Cohen & Sinowski, in Atlanta has advised numerous clients who have suffered in a car accident, and who need help regarding next steps. Our goal is to help answer questions you might have about the process and what’s involved. As experienced Atlanta car accident lawyers, we know the details involved with property damage, evaluations and filing claims; however, we our legal team will not intervene in the actual process. This means that we do not step between you, the adjuster, and the repair shop.

How Will I Know If My Car Is Totaled Or If The At-fault Driver Will Pay For Repairs

Your car will be fixed if it meets the criteria set by your insurance company. Many companies will not repair a car when the repair of the car is equal to 70 percent of the car’s value; for example, the car is worth $3,000 prior to the accident, and the repair of the car costs $2,100.

In addition to the cost to repair the car, the insurance company – depending on your coverage – will be on the line to pay another $200.00 for a rental car. Then, the value of the car goes down because it has been in an accident. So, the cost to repair the car is now $2,300 or more, and the entire cost exceeds 75 percent. The insurance company will then declare that the is car totaled.

How Much Will I Get From The Insurance Company For My Car If It’s Totaled

If your car is totaled, the insurance company must then pay you the fair market of the car as if it was not damaged. Here is where Cohen & Sinowski, in Atlanta can help. Our experienced legal team can help assist you in determining the value of your car if it’s deemed totaled. There are also various other sources to determine the value of your car, like books and CarMax.

Simply put, Cohen & Sinowski, and our team of car accident lawyers are equipped to best advise you with regard to your property damage. Best of all, our advice is free to you; however, we will not handle a property damage case.

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