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Hit And Run Accidents

  • Published: November 9, 2016

Automobile collisions and pedestrian accidents can be an extremely upsetting event in someone’s life. Handling serious injuries, medical expenses, emotional distress, and property damage alone can be overwhelming. However, can you imagine how much worse it would be if the other person involved in the accident fled the scene?

Unfortunately, hit and run accidents are becoming more common. Often, hit and run drivers are fleeing the scene of a crash because they are under the influence of drugs or alcohol, and do not want to be arrested for the crime. A driver that flees the scene of a collision, failing to stop and identify himself, is violating the law.

Georgia Hit And Run Accidents And Penalties

In Georgia, the law states that drivers have a duty to stop at the scene of the automobile accident. Failure to do so would constitute as a hit and run. In addition to being at the scene of the collision, drivers must also provide basic information, including their name, address, and registration number of the vehicle driven. In some cases, the driver may be asked to provide their driver’s license number as well.

Drivers that decide to flee the scene of the collision will result in serious penalties which will vary based on the severity of the collision.

As long as no one suffered serious or fatal injuries, a driver that has fled the scene could face a misdemeanor charge, which can result in hefty fines and up to a year of prison. Additionally, they may lose their license or be put on probation.

Those involved in a serious accident, who have chosen to leave the scene, may have to pay substantial fines, with up to 5 years of imprisonment.

Hit And Run Accident : What To Do Next

If you have been involved in a hit and run accident, there are some things you can do to help find the responsible party.

After you call the police, if you are able, write down as much information about the other vehicle as possible. This can include the color of the car, make and model, damage, other distinguishing marks, and license plate number. Taking pictures of the scene of the crime and damaged property will come in handy when filing your insurance claim and police report. These things will help track down the individual.

Next, if you recall anything about the driver or passengers of the vehicle, write this down as well. This can assist law enforcement with your case. As a victim, you may be entitled to compensation for medical bills, lost wages, emotional distress, and more.

Seeking Legal Counsel For Hit And Run Accidents In Georgia

Regardless if whether the driver gets caught, it’s a good idea to seek legal advice. An experienced attorney will walk you through the entire process, gather evidence, and perform an investigation. Additionally, if the police end up locating the driver that fled, an attorney will help you recover damages in a personal injury lawsuit.

If you are in Georgia, and have recently been involved in a hit and run accident, reach out to the Atlanta auto accident attorneys at Cohen & Sinowski. As an experienced law firm with decades of experience, we work hard to get you the compensation you deserve.

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